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HACH - TLTTLT has been servicing Laboratories and water treatment plants in the East London and surrounding areas for the past 16, going on 17 years.  TLT supplies a wide range of equipment from standard Laboratory equipment and consumables to the well know water quality test equipment and consumables from HACH


We have assisted the Amathole District Municipality, working closely with Amatola Water to raise their Blue Drop status on various plants with our successful Blue Drop test kit over the past 3 years, as indicated below.





Cintsa East 72.44% 70.11% 83.71%
Kei Mouth 53.06% 76.68% 80.74%
Morgan’s Bay 63.44% 74.65% 83.80%
Sandile 83.58% 84.56% 90.91%
Laing Not assessed 92.44% 95.13%



The Latest TIM870 NB pH/ Ec/IP/EC/ISE Potentiometric Titrator was delivered to Amatola Water by the TLT staff and installed by Frikkie van der Merwe from the Hach SA offices.  The TIM870 was supplied with probes for pH, Conductivity and Alkalinity.  Complete with Burette, SAC850 Sample Changer with 25 position and TitraMaster bi-directional software capable of communicating with LIMS.


Total Lab’s team is a service driven company with our focus on building close relationships with our clients in supplying them with quality instrumentation and after sales service.


TLT has a skilled technician who has been well trained and is certified to service, repair and calibrate all HACH instruments.



Debbie / Naomi

Tel: (043) 740 1356


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