Titripac®: The clever packaging solution for your daily titration needs

MERCK - TITRIPAC The products we create help our customers improve people’s lives every day, but we recognise that every product we make also has an environmental impact, both during manufacturing and in its use. That’s why we are committed to continually improving the sustainability performance of our products. Our products are designed to offer the highest in innovation, quality, safety, and effectiveness, while at the same time helping minimise environmental impacts associated with their use. We aim to develop future-forward products and solutions that:

  • Meet performance needs
  • Result in reduced life cycle impacts
  • Help solve global sustainability challenges

Titripac packaging features and advantages:

  • Reduces environmental impact of disposal– less package waste as outer cardboard box and inner bag can be disposed of separately
  • Saves costs and time– no unnecessary re-testing of the solution
  • Reliable to use to the last drop– hermetically sealed pack, no contaminated residual amounts and less chemical waste
  • Easy to use– integrated withdrawal tap, direct connection to instruments

Design for sustainability

Design for sustainability is an approach to product development, we look to minimise the environmental and health impacts at each stage of the product life cycle from manufacturing through use to disposal. At the same time, we look to maximise the product features that improve its performance and ease of use. We incorporate sustainability considerations early in the design process before impacts are locked in, and we use a set of criteria for major impact areas like energy and waste to measure improvements. These approaches help:

  • Reduce energy and water consumption
  • Create more productive processes that minimise waste
  • Streamline packaging
  • Reduce associated costs

The benefits come both during the manufacturing process as well as during product usage.


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