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Personalised Titrator, Personalised Service

The HI902C automatic titrator is designed for fast, accurate, and efficient titrations at the best price. Hanna Instruments understands industry needs, so the Titrator(s) will be configured to your specific requirements and you will be trained and consulted on the most efficient use of the titrator.

Security and Traceability

Users can adhere to traceability requirements through password protection. By setting a PIN code, the HI902C is protected from unauthorised method manipulation and data deletion. Operators can perform programmed titrations in a safe and secure data environment. Those companies with strict Quality Assurance Programmes will have peace of mind that methods and data are secure.

Flexible Measurements

The Hanna HI902C is not only an automatic titrator, but also a pH, ORP, and ion selective (ISE) meter. Save space and easily manage results and data with a single unit. A single sample can be used to analyse two parameters simultaneously.

The HI902C automatic titrator

The HI902C automatic titrator

Automated Productivity

Skip manual measurement and additional steps. The 40 000 step-pump will precisely add reagent to a sample prior to titration or direct pH/ORP/ISE measurement. This increases repeatability while decreasing human error. The complete measurement cycle is now performed with a single push of a button. That means greater productivity elsewhere.

Linking Methods

The Hanna HI902C automatic titrator gives you the option to perform two analyses on a single sample automatically. Two titration methods like acidity and salt for food analysis can be linked together; or a pH/ORP/ISE measurement can be linked to a titration method. This speeds up testing time, improves accuracy, and reduces sample waste.

Titration Sequencing

The HI902C can be paired with the Hanna HI921 auto sampler, which can manage up to 18 samples automatically. The increased efficiency cuts down on operator time while automating the process. The same accuracy standards are maintained with higher sample throughput. Whether you are doing single or multiple end-point, linked analyses, or back titrations the Hanna titrator and auto sampler will deliver accurate and repeatable results.


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