Shimadzu extended warranty commitment

Shimadzu South Africa is proud to offer together with most of its analytical range of system a new 2 and 4 year extended Warranty for only 1% of the purchase price of the system. This extends the normal Shimadzu factory Warranty of 1 year “normally offered as with any other supplier of analytical systems” to a full 3 or 5 year Warranty on your Shimadzu system. The conditions attached to this Warranty are very cost effective and offer full peace of mind to our esteemed Shimadzu users.

1. 3 (Three) and 5 (Five) year options are available depending on the system.

2. The Shimadzu extended Warranty includes all mechanical and electrical parts.

3. The Shimadzu extended Warranty excludes all consumables.

4. Extended Warranty includes all travel and labour costs.

5. Environmental conditions as per Shimadzu site inspection requirement.

6. A yearly standard service at an affordable rate with consumable replacement, as per the system recommended consumable replacement intervals, as published in the User Manuals

There are further advantages regarding down time commitment, full service piece of mind and cost reduction commitment on offer. For further information please call your Shimadzu sales consultant




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