Determining strong and total alkalinity in water

An environmental laboratory contacted Hanna Instruments interested in testing strong and total alkalinity quickly and easily. The customer wanted an automatic titrator to reduce the time and monotony associated with manual titrations; this would allow technicians to use their time more effectively on other tasks and increase throughput. (more…)

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Density measurement in the petroleum industry

Petroleum products in everyday life Petroleum products are omnipresent in today’s life, and have become almost natural parts of the modern world. A lot of products we use daily are derived from petroleum, just think of all kinds of fuels and oils, or the wide range of petrochemicals such as solvents, plastics or synthetic fibers. […]

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Peak Scientific wins brace of Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Peak Scientific, a market leader in laboratory gas generation, is proud to announce that it has been recognised not once but twice in the 2016 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. The Scottish-based company has been awarded both a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, decreed by Her […]

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First ever robotic-assisted prostate surgery performed in KwaZulu-Natal

Medical history was made in KwaZulu-Natal in April with the first ever use of a state-of-the-art robotic surgical system at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital near Durban. During the historical procedure, 50-year-old Bheki Mdlalose of Durban successfully underwent a robotic-assisted prostatectomy to remove his cancerous prostate. (more…)

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Merck Praziquantel Donation Programme

Merck, recently announced that the largest single delivery of praziquantel tablets in the history of the Merck Praziquantel Donation Programme recently arrived in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The West African country has received around 34-million tablets for mass distribution to school children. With this, Merck has donated more tablets to a single country than […]

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Polydextrose in biscuits

Determination according to AOAC 2000.11 Polydextrose is a low calorie synthetic polymer of glucose. It is an accepted additive for food. In the application presented, Polydextrose is determined in biscuits by anion-exchange chromatography followed by pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) in accordance with AOAC 2000.11. (more…)

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Teaching pH in a university laboratory

The concept of pH is taught to students at an early age. Starting in grade school, substances are classified as acids, bases, or neutral; continuing through secondary school and university, pH and related concepts are taught more in depth. pH is a critical parameter in a multitude of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wine, […]

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Thermo Scientific™ launches internet FT-IR spectroscopy learning centre

Thermo Scientific™ recently launched a new and informative Internet FT-IR Spectroscopy Learning Centre. This user friendly interactive site allows the user to find relevant information covering everything FTIR; from the most basic information i.e: what do ‘FT’ and ‘IR’ mean,  to information covering sample preparation techniques and even including coverage on applications using hyphenation techniques, such […]

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Inexpensively determine titration end-point with ion selective electrodes

Measurement by ion-selective electrodes (ISE) is particularly useful for the determination of the titration end-point, as they are unaffected by sample colour or turbidity.  ISEs are inexpensive and typically, the cost per test is very small. (more…)

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Announcing one Agilent instrument company in Southern and East Africa

All Agilent Technologies product lines and products for chemical analysis, including chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy will now be represented and distributed by a single company and distributor, Chemetrix (Pty) Ltd for the entire Sub-Saharan Africa territory. (more…)

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INTEGRA announces $10 000 contribution to Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Following the launch of its limited edition Pipetgirl pink pipette controller in support of breast cancer research earlier this year, Integra is pleased to announce it has made a $10 000 contribution to the Susan F. Smith Centre for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, USA. Labotec, as agents for Integra in Southern […]

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Exploring universal rules for perfect weighing

  Exploring universal rules for perfect weighing OHAUS, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales and balances, who recently announced the launch of the Explorer® Semi-Micro, is now focused on gathering good weighing tips in order to simplify the weighing process and support the achievement of good results. Weighing is one of the most basic tasks […]

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Milestone Medical now part of Magna Analytical

Recently, Magna Analytical proudly announced that the company is the sole supplier of Milestone Medical instrumentation for southern Africa. The Milestone Medical agency consists of pre-analytical, tissue processing, digital workstations and frozen tissue sample processors. (more…)

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ar eco plasma pic

Built for sophisticated, professional weighing

OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro balances deliver the performance and features required by demanding lab professionals! Get the most precise results ever from an OHAUS Explorer® balance with intelligent performance, intuitive software, and ingenious construction. Visit the OHAUS Explorer Microsite! Intelligent performance In addition to superior craftsmanship and a high quality load cell, many performance-enhancing features have […]

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CELSIUS - SENOVA centrifuges for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental markets

Celsius Scientific has the centrifugation solution for you…

Celsius Scientific offers high quality centrifugation products that are well respected in the medical and R&D fields. They are proud to introduce the Senova Biotech centrifuge range. (more…)

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Proud milestone for National Laboratory Association

The National Laboratory Association of South Africa (NLA-SA) recently opened its new Calibration/Metrology training facility at Persequor TechnoPark, Pretoria. Steve Sidney, Executive Director of the NLA, said that their new facility, which was opened at the Annual General Meeting held in March, will not only be used as the training venue for their comprehensive training […]

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Gram-bacteria staining – outstanding solutions

Gram staining is a technique in bacteriology, which enables the differentiation of bacteria into gram-positive and gram-negative groups. In this method, Gram-positive bacterial cells retain their blue-violet colour, whereas Gram-negative bacterial cells appear orange-pink when counterstained. Various solutions are needed for this multi-step staining process, including aniline dye and iodine solution, as well as safranine […]

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Innovative eHealth

Did you know that: • 98 out of every 100 phones sold worldwide today have digital cameras on them • Estimated 95+% of phones in the market today have digital cameras on them • Mobile phone is the one technology device that all consumers carry (third kidney) • Cellular literacy is higher than basic literacy in many developing countries […]

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Artist's impression of Rosetta approaching comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

HORIBA Jobin Yvon grating in ROSETTA mission

ESA’s comet-chasing mission Rosetta was launched on the 2nd of March 2004 and through a complex series of flybys (three times past Earth and once past Mars) arrived ten years after at its destination: comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. In June 2011, Rosetta was put into deep-space hibernation for the coldest, most distant leg of the journey (800 […]

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The release of the latest Thermo Scientific Orbitrap LC-MS/MS

Anatech Instruments, proud supplier of Thermo Scientific is excited to announce the release of the new Orbitrap-based Mass Spectrometer (MS).  With the availibilty of the new Q Exactive Focus every laboratory can afford a LC-MS/MS. Laboratories performing food and environmental testing, clinical research, forensic toxicology, pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical measurements, and other applied analyses can now benefit from […]

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