Launch of Julabo’s Presto – world record holder in thermodynamic power

Set to speed up temperature control 30 times faster, the new Julabo Presto was recently launched at Labotec’s head offices in South Africa. Christian Walker from Julabo, Germany presented to delegates this entirely new generation of highly dynamic temperature control systems. Presto holds the world record in thermodynamic power as is designed for precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for reactor vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulations.

Presto units cover a working temperature range of -40 to +250°C with 1.2 kW of cooling capacity and 2.8 kW of heating capacity. The highly efficient components allow extremely fast compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions. For more information on the systems, contact Labotec on 011 315 5434 ,or email

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