Fast and accurate UV/VIS spectrophotometry

Mettler Toledo’s UV/VIS Excellence instruments can be used for a wide range of applicationsMettler Toledo’s UV/VIS Excellence instruments can be used for a wide range of applications and are equipped with predefined methods for pharma, chemical, food and beverage, as well as life science and biotechnology industries. Enjoy easy operation with the One Click user interface and flexible operation on the standalone instrument, or with LabX 2019 software. Performance verification is conveniently automated with the CertiRef module.

FastTrack technology

UV/VIS Excellence instruments offer an array-based spectrophotometer with xenon flash lamp to deliver a spectrum scan over the complete wavelength range within seconds and without warm-up time. FastTrack technology speeds up UV/VIS measurements significantly.

Obtain colour values within seconds

The UV/VIS spectrophotometers measure colour in transmittance in multiple different colour scales and numbers within seconds. Spectra and colour can be measured simultaneously. The most common colour scales supported are CIE L*a*b* and Luv, Tristimulus, Lab according to Hunter, Chromaticity (x, y), APHA, Pt/Co, Hazen, Yellowness Index, Saybolt, Gardner, EBC, ASBC and Hess-Ives.

Increase productivity

The combination of predefined methods and InMotion sample changers can now automate the analysis of up to 303 spectrophotometric samples. The samples are transferred to the instrument with a peristaltic pump, and measured in a flow-through cell, providing the user with a fully automated workflow, including the cleaning steps.

Accurate temperature control

The CuveT thermostat accurately regulates the temperature of samples within a range of 4 to 95°C in 10mm cuvettes, typically required for temperature-sensitive analysis and kinetics studies.

Secure workflows

LabX 2019 software creates a secure lab data integrity solution – it allows for complete customisation of UV/VIS workstations to the workflow in the lab and supports compliance with regulations such as 21 CFR Pt 11.

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