ERA accredited reference standards for life sciences

Environmental Resource Associates (ERA), a Waters company, is the premier provider of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), Proficiency Testing (PT) and quality control products for use in laboratories and life science applications. ERA maintains a comprehensive list of globally-recognised accreditations to ensure that customers streamline their regulatory compliance by incorporating internationally recognised PTs and CRMs into their quality programmes.

ERA dedicates a full-time business unit to life science customers and has grown to become a leading manufacturer of CRMs for total organic carbon, conductivity, turbidity and water parameters. The range of ultra-low levels and high-level conductivity standards help pharmaceutical laboratories analyse their products more accurately.  With the ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, ERA offers a comprehensive line of CRMs, reagents and vials for life science laboratories. Increased certainty is ensured as the ultra-low TOC vials provide the best starting point for analysis.

ERA products are designed to meet a laboratory’s quality needs and regulatory requirements.

All ERA standards are provided with certified values and acceptance limits, which are derived from over two million data points, allowing one to identify and assess the consistency and quality of results.  ERA standards are used in environmental, food, industrial, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide.

ERA‘s online data reporting tool, eDATA, allows one to easily and accurately report Proficiency Testing study data, view preliminary results, track historical performance, and identify opportunities to improve procedures in the laboratory.

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