NextGen is the new generation of the CombiFlash family from Teledyne Isco

CombiFlash NextGen 300

Teledyne ISCO is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative products designed to increase productivity while improving the quality of life on our planet. Our standard and customised products are used across multiple sectors including: water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration, and reactant feed.

NextGen is the new generation of the CombiFlash family from Teledyne Isco. The touch screen has become larger, the pumps offer more pressure and higher flow rates. Valves and detectors have been improved significantly. The new CombiFlash NEXTGEN 300+ is just as compact as the CombiFlash family so far in our age where lab space is at a premium. The system is individually configurable: you can choose equipment details such as detectors, racks or valves, so that the system fits perfectly to your requirements. The advanced flash chromatography system provides fully automated, fast and reliable purification of compounds. State-of-the-art RFID technology complements the unique PeakTrak software and increases flexibility in method development.

The CombiFlash NextGen 300+ replaces the CombiFlash Rf +. Advanced PeakTrak software for controlling and documenting fractions into the Foxy® fraction collectors are more interactive and informative without sacrificing clarity and intuitive handling. PeakTrak provides a graphical representation of separations and localization of collected fractions. The PeakTrak software with colour-coded graphics allows a fast and error-free assignment of the collected fractions to defined peaks. The system is easy to use, efficient, robust and low maintenance.

Technical description:

  • Compact design: base area 36 x 43cm (WxD), height 66.0cm; Weight 28kg without ELSD, 34kg with ELSD
  • PC controlled system (computer integrated in the system); Large display with either 12 or 15 “touch screen Control and data evaluation via Ethernet interface possible
  • High fractionation capacity in different racks,
  • RFID recognition of the frame and automatic adjustment of the max. Collection volume, standard method is loaded automatically
  • Level monitoring of the solvent and waste containers prevents dry running of the cartridges or overfilling of the waste
  • Injection of liquid samples and solid injection via a precolumn possible automatic valve and sample path cleaning after each separation
  • Two pumps: binary gradient, four solvents, max. Pressure 300psi, 20bar, user-defined pressure limits possible, programmable gradients (stages, linear, isocratic), mixable modifier
  • Flow rates from 1 – 300mL/min
  • Selection of detector equipment: UV, UV-VIS (dual-channel spectrometer for the range 200-400nm or 200-800nm in diode array technology), ELSD, MS
  • RFID detects the cartridge size and automatically adjusts the recommended separation parameters (not for 4g cartridges). For reusable cartridges (e.g., Reversed Phase C-18), the number of separations and the last runners used are stored on the cartridge
  • Control via the intuitive PeakTrak software: direct control of all parameters during the run, clear method creation on one side, two wavelengths variably adjustable, transmission of the DC data, automatic scale-up for each method, stop and continuation of the run at any time, etc.
  • Larger RediSep cartridges usable (up to 750 g instead of 330 g)

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