BMW South Africa – Anton Paar Stabinger viscometer – SVM 3000

BMW South Africa has moved from operating as a completely “knocked down” production facility to being a world-class manufacturer and importer of fully built-up luxury motor cars. In 1927 the first BMW-powered mode of transport reached South Africa when a Dornier-Mercury aeroplane landed in Cape Town. 2010 brought with it even greater possibilities, the BMW Plant in Rosslyn was awarded the contract to build painted BMW 3 Series bodies for export to India. The plant is now also able to build BMW 3 Series xDrive all-wheel drive vehicles for the first time, increasing its potential export volume to Canada and the United States in the process.
83 years in South Africa and BMW maintains Shear Driving Pleasure.

BMW Rosslyn requires the Anton Paar Viscometer SVM 3000 to test the viscosities of anti—freeze, ethanol, thinners, brake Fluid and window washing fluid. The SVM 3000 is so versatile, quick and robust that it is an asset in all fields: as well as being ideal for measurements in R&D, it is also the most reliable instrument for quality control in the laboratory, e.g. for determining the density, kinematic and dynamic viscosity of mineral oil samples, and for field measurements such as the investigation of used oils in transport fleets, wind parks, locomotives, ship engines, thermal power stations and construction machines.

Rotational viscosity measurement is based on a torque and speed measurement. A rotating magnet in SVM 3000 produces an eddy current field with extremely high resolution. Combined with the integrated thermoelectric thermostatting, this ensures unparalleled precision. In order to calculate the kinematic viscosity from the dynamic viscosity, the density of the sample must be known. For this reason, SVM 3000 also has a density measuring cell that employs the well-known oscillating U-tube principle. Both cells are filled in one cycle. The measurements are carried out simultaneously. Furthermore, SVM 3000 covers the whole measuring range from less than 1 to 20 000 mm²/s. When using capillary viscometers, this would require a total of thirteen different capillaries. The Anton Paar SVM 3000 conforms to ASTM D7042 standard test method and fulfils ASTM D445 precision.

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