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Three Veolia-operated plastic recycling and recovery plants in Japan produce 45 000 tonnes of plastic pellets and useful compounds for downstream industrial uses.

A turning point in plastics recycling

Almost 190 countries have agreed to new control measures that will limit the transboundary movement of plastic waste around the world, following the recent ratification of the Basel Convention in Geneva, Switzerland. The resolution prohibits the export of most plastic wastes to receiving countries without their prior consent and has the potential to trigger a […]

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The Libero ITS indicator is a small device that monitors the temperature stability and shelf-life of a pharmaceutical product during end-to-end journeys

Pharmaceutical sensor is a safety game changer

New fail-safe technology is enabling pharmaceutical companies to monitor and log ambient, cold and freezing conditions of products, from the point of manufacture to the patient’s refrigerator, simply by attaching and breaking the indicator’s start tab. (more…)

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The hermetically sealed contacts are available as ‘normally close’, ‘normally open’ or ‘changeover’ contacts.

Always float on top

INSTROTECH is offering Kobold’s M-series level switch comprising a float that slides up and down with the liquid, along a guide tube. Thus, up to 4 reed contacts moulded in the guide tube are switched in a non-contacting fashion by a ring magnet encapsulated in the float. The hermetically sealed contacts are available as ‘normally […]

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