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The UV5Bio provides standard cuvette measurements while UV5Nano combines micro-volume and cuvette measurements

UV/VIS spectroscopy – the life science specialist

Mettler Toledo’s UV5Bio and UV5Nano Excellence instruments optimise spectroscopic workflows in life sciences – FastTrack technology enables speedy and reliable measurements, with One Click touchscreen operation becomes intuitive and efficient and LockPath technology ensures accurate micro-volume measurements. Both are specialised for life sciences applications. (more…)

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Accelerate your workflows

Mettler Toledo’s range of Rainin multichannel pipettes represent an intelligent advance in both operation and ergonomics. Offering comfort and performance, even after hours of pipetting, Rainin XLS+ multichannel pipettes are lightweight, yet balanced and substantial, with a fit, feel and finish that is truly world class. (more…)

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dependable infrared (IR) CO2 sensor control

Shel Lab CO2 water jacketed incubators series

Shel Lab water jacketed CO2 incubators offer dependable infrared (IR) CO2 sensor control and are ideal for sensitive tissue and cell culture applications. They provide the benefits of contamination control and uncompromising temperature uniformity for even the most demanding incubations. (more…)

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