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Kern balance

High-end analytical balance

High-end analytical balance with an innovative single-cell weighing system for extremely precise weighing results to a tolerance of 0, 00001 g   This extremely precise series of analytical balances is equipped with the innovative KERN single-cell weighing system. Thanks to the fully automatic manufacture of the weighing cell made from one piece of material stable […]

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Hach’s portable environmental labs

Ready to go anywhere   Hach’s Portable Environmental Laboratories contain everything required to test water in various applications. Choose from either a DREL/2800 (Direct Read Environmental Lab) with the DR/2800 Portable Spectrophotometer or a CEL/800 Series Laboratory (Colorimetric Environmental Lab) with the DR/800 series colorimeter. Both laboratories offer rugged, flexible accuracy.   Using the popular […]

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To probe or not to probe…

What is the condition of your probe?   The first commercial pH meters were built around 1936, developed to quickly and accurately test the acidity of a sample. While the circuitry of a basic pH meter is quite simple, the most important part of you pH meter is the electrode or probe and can be […]

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