With XPR Excellence analytical balances, weighing accuracy is assured with the widest safe weighing ranges

Accurate weighing results every time

With a range of intelligent quality assurance functions, you can depend on the Mettler Toledo XPR analytical balances to deliver right-first-time results. The Integrated StatusLight, LevelControl and Good Weighing Practice (GWP) functionality work together to ensure all the relevant conditions for correct weighing are satisfied, giving you the reassurance that your results are valid.  With a strong focus on regulatory compliance, when connected to LabX laboratory software, these balances perfectly support data integrity so you are audit-ready any time, even in highly regulated environments.

Achieving reliable analytical results is dependent on the accuracy of the initial sample. Any error in sample preparation will be simply perpetuated, or even magnified, in downstream processing. With XPR Excellence analytical balances, weighing accuracy is assured with the widest safe weighing ranges.

Eliminate static

StaticDetect measures the weighing error due to electrostatic charging and provides a warning if tolerances are exceeded. Used in combination with the optional ionizer, you have a unique solution that guarantees static-free weighing.

Easy automation upgrade

Optional modules make it easy for you to quickly upgrade your balance to provide automated powder and/or liquid dosing. Automated dosing enables you to achieve a level of accuracy that is impossible to match in a manual process.

Effortless data integrity

Connect all your Mettler Toledo excellence laboratory instruments to LabX 2019 software for full support with regulatory compliance. LabX helps you meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity and ensures that a paper less lab is achieved.

Optional modules and accessories make it easy to customise your XPR Excellence analytical balance to perfectly fit your process needs. Even in highly regulated environments, XPR balances integrate seamlessly into your processes.


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